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Mission Statement
1. To conserve and protect Toronto's eastern beaches and the Scarborough Bluffs from being unnecessarily desecrated.

2. To enlighten the general public of the pros and cons of industrial size wind turbines.

3. To unravel the politics behind the industrialization of Toronto's waterfront.
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Friends of Arran Lake Wind Action Group

Keith Stelling of the Friends of Arran Lake has authored an excellent report on the cost of industrial wind. It is designed to inform us, the consumers of electricity, and it answers many critical questions about the problems industrial wind incurs. Please read and forward to anyone you know could benefit from this analysis. Letter is below, report is attached. Thank you!

Friends of Arran Lake Wind Action Group
RR1 Southampton Ontario N0H 2L0

6 December, 2007

Dear Power Consumer:
While we all want our governments to do something about carbon emissions and planetary warming, many of us believe that it is important to consider the total impact of any project that claims to benefit our society.

Until recently, many people believed that industrial wind turbines could supply low cost, clean electricity for the grid. Currently our Federal and Provincial Governments are paying a hefty premium for wind produced energy as well as providing substantial tax breaks and subsidies for wind farm developers. The rationale for public investment in industrial wind energy rests on the assumption that it can cut carbon emissions by replacing fossil-fuelled generating capacity at the same time as providing a cheap source of "renewable" electricity.

However, as you will see when reading through the attached report, these assumptions are not based on actual operating experience with wind. In fact, the most recent evidence, based on the last ten years of wind power production in Europe, raises three awkward facts:

1. Because of the variable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable nature of wind production, backup fossil-fuelled generation has to be run simultaneously to stabilize the grid on an increasing scale as more wind production is added. Ramping up and down of coal and gas fired plants actually causes an increase in CO2 emissions.

2. When the cost of required backup production and subsidies is calculated, industrial wind energy ends up costing consumers a great deal more than conventional electricity production.

3. The shear numbers of wind turbine towers planned for rural Ontario to produce even an insignificant amount of electricity for the grid will have a negative impact on the environment through migratory bird and bat destruction, devaluation of tourism attraction and creation of rural industrial ghettos. At present there are no regulations that would restrict undisciplined development and leave intact our precious wildlife heritage.

We urge you to read this report and to share it with your friends and colleagues. You can help to make these facts known publicly. There is still time to save our beautiful countryside and to avoid the unnecessary blight that has occurred in some parts of Europe and the United States. Above all, our governments have a responsibility to ensure that our money is spent with due regard for economy and efficiency and that appropriate procedures are in place to measure and report on the effectiveness of government programs. As tax payers and electricity consumers, we have a right to complain about this scandalous misuse of public funds to our elected representatives. We urge you to make your voice heard on this vital issue.

Yours sincerely, Keith Stelling and the Friends of Arran Lake.

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